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Our Business:

Renewable BioFuels & Biomass
Production facility & Purchasing
Sustainable Development
BioFuel Power Plant Generation

Our Products:

Cashew Nut Shell Liquid Refind
Solid Biomass Cashew Shells
Animal, Vegatable & Tropical oils
Energy & Transport Fuels

Qlair2energy B.V. is a private owned company, based in The Netherlands. This branch was established to respond to the global transition to a sustainable and renewable energy supply. Through the deployment of human specialists, knowledge and technical know-how, we optimize energy in a way that leads to a better environment and preservation of the earth. We invest in the Asia region and has closed partnerships in highly specialized companies for producing of Biofuels and Solid Biomass from the Cashew Nut Shell into Cashew Nut Shell Liquid. The 100% of the material  input results in an 100% output of liquid and solid biomass without loses. These products are transport in flexi bag and or bulk  all over the world to a wide range of end users. The use of biomass energy has the potential to greatly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Biomass generates about the same amount of carbon dioxide as fossil fuels, but every time a new plant grows, carbon dioxide is actually removed from the atmosphere. The net emission of carbon dioxide will be zero as long as plants continue to be replenished for biomass energy purposes. Qlair2energy aim to be an member of  the requirements of “ISCC-EU” International Sustainability and Carbon Certification.

We are constantly increasing capacity, improving technology, reducing costs, realizing energy innovations, investing and takes great responsibility for in a sustainable manner optimising the entire production chain. We get some,we give some! In a fast-changing, evolving energy market we always walk one step ahead. Thinking of tomorrow, we act now. With our latest insights and techniques we provide you the best and most sustainable energy solution with a key role of flexibility.

We consists of a knowledgeable, enthusiastic team of highly professionals with  years of expertise in Biofuel and Solid biomass, powered the energy and transportfuels market. We guarantee quality and efficiency; customers can rely on personal service and reliable advice.

You take the action, we make things move. In a fast-changing, evolving energy market we always walk one step ahead. Thinking of tomorrow, we start today!


Most of the liquid bio power plants in the world use direct-fired systems. These power plants are designed to operate on liquid biofuel converts it into “green” electricity and heat (CHP).
Qlair2energy has developed a dedicated system for generating renewable energy from oils and fats. The system is derived from the design and manufacturing integrity of the classic Heavy Fuel Oil engines. This will provide you with a better engine, with more reliability, more performance and a solid foundation for years of consistent and dependable operation.
We build and oparate BioFuel Power Plants in the range from 1.5 MW up to 28 MW in the following countries; Italy, Austria and Switserland.

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